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For UPDATED information about the Health and Prayer Ministries at Emmanuel Lutheran Church, select afrom the listings below: 

Volunteer For TLC Ministry

TLC Health Ministry is looking for volunteers to visit our homebound & to make phone calls to those in need. Also, if you are interested in joining a group who will deliver communion to our shut-ins please contact: –Beth at or –Lynne  at

Prayer Chain Requests and Updates

Each week, we gather names of those needing our prayers. By filling out the back of the pew card on Sunday mornings, we are able to update our prayer chain. If you or someone you know need(s) our prayers, please fill out the card and also use it to update us on their condition. In our public prayers on Sunday mornings, we include some of our prayer chain requests but most are kept confidential. We will keep requests for health and healing on the chain for 4 weeks. It is your responsibility to update us as to their condition. You can choose one of 4 ways to add or update:

1.  Complete a pew card on Sunday morning E-mail Beth Olejniczak (betholejniczak15@gmail) ,

2.  Put a note in Beth’s church mailbox,

3.  Complete an on-line Prayer Request Form by Going here!!!  (ONLY Beth Olejniczak will see your request)


4. call the Church Office (479-442-3040) and leave a message for Beth Olejniczak.

Not only do we pray for those in need, but we also give thanks and praise for joys in people’s lives, so don’t forget to include them in your prayer requests. Joys will remain on the list for 2-4 weeks depending on the necessity to update the prayer chain.

If you have questions or concerns about the prayer chain, please feel free to contact Leslie, Shana or Beth O.

Parish Nurses

1.  Have your blood pressure checked each month by the parish nurses! Next session will be between services on some Sundays (see Calendar for the date)in the Fellowship Hall.
2019 Schedule Between Services on the following Sundays:
Feb 24
Mar 10
Apr 7
2.  Looking for volunteers who would like to serve on a Congregational Health Ministry Committee to help the ELC parish nurses plan health related programs & activities. If interested, please contact Beth Olejniczak.

Beth is available by appointment only (Her contact information is listed below).

Lynne is available on Wed mornings from 9-12pm.

To schedule a time outside of these hours, please e-mail:

–Beth at or –Lynne  at

Learn more about Health Ministries


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