Church Council – 2017

Spencer Armstrong, President (12/31/2018), 479-841-1701,

Bill Ruby, President-Elect (12/31/2019), 479-200-2465,

Kraig Olejniczak, Past President (12/31/2017), 479-721-1496,

Janet Roberts , Secretary  (12/31/2017), 479-305-0442,

Jim Stockland, Council Position 1 (12/31/2018), 479-236-8665,

Jerry Musick, Council Position 2 (12/31/2018), 479-601-3391,

Scott Pilcher, Council Position 3 (12/31/2019), 479-263-0399,

Jennifer Hall, Council Position 4 (12/31/2019), 501-658-9679,

Jeffery Carpenter, Pastor, 830-456-3240, 
Pastor Jeffery Carpenter

Dale Krummel, Treasurer (ex Officio, non-voting), 479-530-9780,

Tom Stockland, Financial Secretary (ex Officio, non-voting), 479-236-8865,

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The Church Council generally meets the second Monday of each month at 6:00pm.


Council Positions

President —  Spencer Armstrong,
The president provides leadership for the programs and personnel of ELC,  prepares the agenda for Church Council meetings and presides over meetings-both Church Council and congregation.

President-Elect — Bill Ruby,
The president-elect is prepared to take over the president’s responsibilities if necessary and coordinates the councilpersons’ timetables and responsibilities.  This person serves as president and Past President during the second and third year of his/her term, respectively.  He/She is also responsible for insuring that the Church Council/Congregation adheres to the ELC Constitution.

Past President — Kraig Olejniczak,
The Past President servers as a mentor and general guidance counselor to the Church Council.  He/she oversees development and implementation of  activities dealing with long-range planning, policies, and documented procedures.   He/she shall be the contact for special committee(s) appointed during the year.

Secretary – Janet Roberts,
The secretary is responsible for maintaining minutes of all Church Council/Congregation Meetings and an active archive of those records.  In addition, he/she will will have responsibility for church publicity, staff and volunteer appreciation, correspondence from the Church Council, publish a monthly summary of Church Council actions for the Congregation, and summarize Church Council annual actions for the Annual Report.

Each At-Large Council Position (Council Position 1…..Council Position 4) is assigned as a liaison to Congregation Committees.  The Church Council will appoint one Council-at-Large member as a committee liaison with voice but no vote. The Church Council member will serve the committee as an adviser, an advocate, and conduit for all communications between the committee and Church Council.

The Committee liaison assignments are as follows:

Jim Stockland, Council Position 1, (Building & Grounds and Mutual Ministry)

Jerry Musick, Council Position 2, (Finance, Audit & Stewardship)

Scott Pilcher, Council Position 3, (Worship & Music and Outreach)

Jennifer Hall, Council Position 4, (Christian Education and Congregational Care )


 Church Financial Positions:

Dale Krummel, Treasurer, 479-530-9780,
    Keeps track of church expenditures, income, and payroll.

Tom Stockland, Financial Secretary, 479-236-8865,
    Supplies offering envelopes, keeps track of offerings, and provides tax statements.

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