T-Coil Hearing Loop

Jun 16, 2017 by

T-Coil Available

Emmanuel’s sanctuary is now equipped with a “t-coil /telecoil hearing loop system.”  The t-coil hearing loop system will allow all worshipers wearing hearing aids that are” t-coil” or “telecoil” compatible to use the system without any additional equipment.  It will provide these worshipers with an enhanced listening experience by allowing the sound that is coming over the church’s sound system to be heard directly on a worshiper’s hearing aids.

Many hearing aids are compatible or can be made compatible with the T-Coil system.  You should contact your hearing aid provider to determine if yours is or can be made compatible.

For worshipers not having a “t-coil” or “telecoil” compatible hearing aids, we have portable hand-held devices.  The ushers can provide them for you.

Kim Krummel will provide assistance to worshipers or answer any questions about this system.

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