2018-19 Confirmation Schedule

The Confirmation classes have been completed and will resume again in September.


                                                                2019-2020 Teachers                                                                    

                                                       Ms.  Carlene       Pastor Carpenter


December 29 & January 5–No class during Christmas Holidays

Emmanuel Lutheran Church uses a 2 year rotation (see below) as our youth Confirmation program: a class which leads to students to publically “Confirm their Faith”.  This Sunday morning class is focused to give students a foundation of our Lutheran Theology and give an overview of all books of the Bible.  The class will be taught by both Carleen Ringgenberg and Pastor Jeff Carpenter.
For the 2019-2020 curriculum, we will examine each book of the Bible to know content and how they relate to each other; and to see Gods unending plan of Love and Salvation.  This class begins with students in 6th grade, but is open to all ages.


 Confirmation Class Rotation

The 2-year cycle of Confirmation at Emmanuel Lutheran Church is a rotation of: 

This Year –>  1)   an in-depth study of the Bible;  and 

                        2)  a study of our Lutheran Theology   

                            (what we as Lutherans believe) 


For 2019-20 our focus is “In-Depth Study” of the bible.   

Confirmation class is made up of our 6th & 7th graders. For the 2019-2020 year we will study and discuss the Books of the Bible.