Quilts for those in Need

Dec 9, 2020 by

Our Quilter’s Devotion Group presented hand-made beautiful quilts to the officers of the Fayetteville Police Department who will distribute them to those in need. A prayer card is enclosed with each quilt.
December 8, was the day! With a handful of quilters and a crew of Church men and women, we were able to serve breakfast and present quilts for Fayetteville’s Police Department. Our cupboards are empty but our hearts are full!
Thanks to everyone who helped transport, donated $$, fabric or quilts, cut, sewed, tied, and prayed over and for this yearlong project.
I am blessed and humbled by the appreciation.
Thank You for helping make this happen
Pastor Jeff Carpenter
Quilters/helpers included:
Rachel Gilbert
Sheena Johnson
Lila Rostenberg
Hazel McFall
Peggy Whalen
June Hutton
Debbie Rigdon
Linda Salmonsen
Jill Steingraber
Ginger Smith
Lori Jones
Marti Stanchi
Shirley Christensen
Cuddly Quilts
Laura Speer
Debbie and Tina from Colorado
Janet Rice and Tiegan
Adele Atha

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