Sunday Evening Worship

Sep 16, 2021 by

Sunday Evening Worship.


Emmanuel Lutheran Church Sanctuary

Starting: Sunday, September 19, 2021


Sunday mornings are beautiful times to devote ourselves to the apostle’s teaching, fellowship, and the breaking of bread.

So too are Sunday evenings!


Pastor Carpenter will preside over a time of prayer, praise, and Word similar to Sunday morning worship.


A greatly reduced number of participants is anticipated so there will be ample social distancing.  In an effort to maximize safety, masks will be worn by the pastor and all participants at all times within the sanctuary.  Hand sanitizer will be available at the sanctuary side door.  Sanctuary exterior doors will be open well in advance of the worship and will be kept open during the worship.  A fan will be placed at one of the doors to assist airflow.  With the sun setting near 7:20 pm, there should be adequate light to drive home safely and enjoy a beautiful sunset.


May God bless you with His very best gifts.


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