2022 Church Business Council*

Dick Vertz, President (12/31/2023), 479-422-6956

Bob Johnson, Vice President (12/31/2024), 719-761-3642

Tom Stockland, Past President (12/31/2022), 479-236-8865

Sue Brisiel, Secretary  (12/31/2023), 479-200-9877

Jeffery Carpenter, Pastor, 830-456-3240 
Pastor Jeffery Carpenter

Dale Krummel, Treasurer, 479-530-9780 


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The Regular Church Business Council meetings are scheduled for the Second Monday of each month at 6:00 pm.

Special Council Meetings may be scheduled from time to time.

 Church Business Council Positions:

President — Dick Vertz, President, president@elcnwa.org
The president provides leadership for the programs and personnel of ELC,  prepares the agenda for Church Council meetings, and presides over meetings of both Church Business Council and congregation.

Vice-President –Bob Johnson, President-Elect, preselect@elcnwa.org
The Vice-President, in the absence or disability of the president, shall perform the duties and exercise the powers of the president; shall assist the President in ensuring that provisions of the Constitution, Bylaws, and Continuing Resolutions are followed; and shall perform such duties and have such powers as the Congregation Business Council may prescribe

Past President — Tom Stockland, Past President, pastpres@elcnwa.org
The Past President, in the absence or disability of the president and vice-president, shall perform the duties and exercise the powers of the president and shall perform such duties and have such powers as the Congregation Business Council may prescribe.

Secretary – Sue Brisiel, Council Secretary, counsec@elcnwa.org
The secretary is responsible for maintaining minutes of all Church Business Council/Congregation Meetings and maintaining an active archive of those records.  In addition, he/she will have responsibility for all correspondence from the Church Business Council, publish a monthly summary of Church Business Council actions for the Congregation, and summarize Church Business Council’s actions for the Annual Report.

Treasurer – Dale Krummel, Treasurer, 479-530-9780,  treasurer@elcnwa.org  
The Treasurer maintains all financial records (expenditures, income, and payroll) for Emmanuel Lutheran Church.

Pastor — Pastor Jeff Carpenter, 830-456-3240,  Pastor Jeffery Carpenter
The pastor is a member of the CBC by virtue of his position as the Ordained Pastor of Emmanuel Lutheran Church.


The four (4) Standing Committees of the CBC are:

1.  Audit Committee  

2.  Call Committee  

3.  Finance Committee  

4.  Nominating Committee   

5.  Technology Committee

* Church Business Council (CBC) is one of the governance bodies of Emmanuel.  The CBC is responsible for implementing the goals & short- and long-range plans relating to the business of the congregation as developed by the Spiritual Leadership Team and approved by the congregation. This Council will implement sound business practices.  Further delineation of the responsibilities and duties of the CBC can be found in Chapter 12.02 (Page 16) of the ELC Constitution.


Emmanuel’s Governance Structure:  The Spiritual Leadership Team, Church Business Council, and the Program Leadership Team make up the governance bodies of Emmanuel Lutheran Church. These groups will meet independently and jointly, as needed) to evaluate Long- and Short-range plans, share knowledge about the program(s), and conduct joint planning. The specific meeting frequency, agenda, and other information are outlined in the Continuing Resolutions. Further delineation of ELC’s governance structure can be found in Chapter 12 (Page 14) of the ELC Constitution.


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