Sanctuary for Prayer and Adoration

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Council has heard requests from our church family that we miss our time in our sacred place.  Unfortunately, government restrictions will prohibit the use of our sanctuary for attended worship for some unknown period of time. We have had requests from people that would like to spend some time for prayer, reflection or adoration in the sanctuary within the government guidelines. We need prayer and time with God during this time and many of us feel closer to God and have more effective prayer time in our sacred place.  

As always Council tries to balance the concerns of some with the desires of others and we have reached what we believe is an acceptable middle ground.  Starting on Tuesday, April 21st, the side door of the sanctuary will be propped open with a chair from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m on Tuesday and Thursday of each week. We ask that you enter and exit through that door that way there will be no door handles touched as people enter and exit.  

There will be six plastic chairs in the sanctuary properly separated by social distance requirements and we ask that you only sit in the plastic chairs. If you come as a group you may move the chairs closer together, but please return them to their original location when you leave. There will be wipes and we ask that you wipe down the chair you used before you leave.   

Other than that we ask that you sign up on the sign-up sheet on the web site. A link to the sign-up sheet can be found at the top of this page. Please only come during the hour where you have signed up so we can control no more than six people in the sanctuary at a time.    

We hope this will provide those who want it with an opportunity to spend time in the sanctuary during this time when we are prohibited from meeting inside our church on Sunday morning.       



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