Adult Sunday School


Teacher: Mr. Tom 

Give It Up!: A Lenten Study for Adults starts on February 17


The following Bible Study, Definant,  continues for the Next three weeks:


What happens when you’re full of it…


Chewbacca Mom and Author of Laugh It Up!

December 22 — ???


Session 1   Laugh It up, Live It Out

Session 2   Know Hope, Know Joy

Session 3  Joy Is a Fighter

Session 4  Joy Is Not Arrogant, But She Is Confident

Session 5  Joy Embraces Sorrow

Session 6  You’re Full of It


My life changed when I put on a Chewbacca mask, cracked up at myself, and over 160 million people laughed along with me. 1 still have not figured out exactly what was going on that day in my van. 1 don’t fully understand what happened the next two days when I was invited to appear on TV shows and interviewed by people I had only seen on a screen up to that point in my life. But here are a few things I am learning through this experience.

We were made- for laughter, joy, and fun – more than we realize. Our hearts and souls long for joy. I believe there is a God who delights when we laugh and celebrates when we play.

God has a destiny for each of us. It is better than we dream. And He will move us toward our destiny in surprising and shocking ways. God might not use a Star Wars mask and the internet to unfold your destiny, but He has a plan and it is going to be a fun ride, if you are willing to jump on.

To be totally honest, I’m still figuring out what all of this means for me. God is still unfolding His plan and I am having a great time figuring out where this is all going. I am excited to have you join me on this journey of life, laughter, joy, and discovery,


Tell about a time God pulled back the curtain and gave you an exciting and unexpected glimpse of His plan and destiny for your life. What did you see and how did you feel?


A Lenten Study for Adults–February 17

This Lenten study reflects on all the things that hold our attention, occupy our minds and monopolize our time, yet still isolate us from God and the world around us. Things like social media, phones, the noise of life, and focus on the external. Imagine taking on the challenge of giving up each of these for a week. During this seven-week study, Dottie Escobedo Frank takes the reader on a journey of self-discovery, where s/he learns that the power of release brings great gain. The biggest gain is a stronger relationship with Christ. In the release, each person is freed to “give it up” in applause and praise for a life deeply lived in Christ. This thematic Bible study is designed for small groups during the Lent 2019 season. Each study session offers questions for reflection and discussion, a brief prayer, and a focus for the week. The group members are encouraged to engage in a spiritual practice or do something specific that will help them grow in faith. This class is designed for transformation and application of Bible study to everyday, practical life experience. This is a 7-week study starting February 17th.