Adult Sunday School


Teacher: Mr. Tom 


On Sunday, January 7,  the Adult Sunday School Class began a new study on:

The Augsburg Confession
A Reading and Discussion of the Augsburg Confession

Made as a confession of faith during the Protestant Reformation of the sixteenth century, the Augsburg Confession outlines the doctrinal teachings of the original Lutheran reformers. At the same time, it serves as a theological resource and statement of faith for Lutheran churches today.

Introduction to the Series – The Book of Concord
The Augsburg Confession – Summary of Sessions & Readings

 Session            Title 
Session 0: Introduction Preface
Session 1: Christ Alone Articles I-IV
Session 2: Gathered in Faith Articles V-VIH
Session 3: Means of Grace Articles LX-XIII
Session 4: Good Order Articles XIV-XVII
Session 5: Do s, Don’ts & Can’ts Articles XVHI-XX
Session 6: Level Ground Articles XXI-XXIII
Session 7: True Worship Articles XXIV-XXVI
Session 8: In, But Not Of Articles XXVH-XXV