Adult Sunday School


Teacher: Mr. Tom 

Why does the world around us and the life we live not look anything like the reality Jesus talked about? Why is there no significant difference between the lives of those who call themselves Christians and the rest of the world? What kind of witness can we be in this world if we simply look the same as everyone else? If we are a poor representation of who God is, then what needs to change? What can we do? Rather than shrugging it off, isn’t it time to change people’s perceptions about the followers of Jesus Christ?

The Red Letter Challenge has identified 5 targets to shoot for:

During the 40 day challenge we will encourage support guide and pray for everyone, who will follow along in their work books attempting to exhibit the target behaviors above, which represent Jesus words for our lives. Hopefully differentiating ourselves from stereotyped Christians during this transformative process. Each week we will introduce the group to their upcoming target with a short video, followed by discussion and support.