Health Ministry Needs Help

Jan 30, 2019 by

CONGREGATIONAL HEALTH MINISTRY COMMITTEE   We are looking for volunteers who would like to serve on a Congregational Health...

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CEO Needs for Feb thru March

Jan 27, 2019 by

CEO food needs for February thru March are peanut butter and tuna. These items are not available from the food bank at this time....

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Feb 10 – New Members

Feb 10, 2019 by

On February 10, 2019 Frank and Janice Densberger (left) and Tom & Jane New (right) joined the Emmanuel’s family of...

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Jan 31-The Screwtape Letters

Jan 7, 2019 by

This new bible study will be guided by Dick & Joy Vertz.  [Special Note!!  It is the policy of the website not to...

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