Bible Studies

There are 2 Bible Studies (Click on the Bible Study about which you want to learn more.):

1. PERICOPE–Conducted On-Site & using ZoomContact Pastor Carpenter ( for the link.

2. INTO THE BIBLE–Concluded on June 21.<===To learn more, click on this item.

1. PERICOPE– Conducted On-Site & using ZoomContact Pastor Carpenter ( for the link.
Everyone is welcome to join us on the dates listed below as we study the assigned lectionary scripture verses for the subsequent Sunday Worship.  We are not allowing the evil one to separate us from each other and our Lord. 
This ELC Sunday Lesson Bible Study will be held on Tuesday evenings at 6 PM at the Church and online via ZOOM meeting. We will be able to see each other and discuss the upcoming Sunday lessons.  If you are interested in joining us via ZOOM, please send an e-mail topastorcarpenter@elcnwa.organd a link will be sent to you to join the meeting.

July 13-September 15——–In Recess. 


Please check back then to see the resumption date.





We are indebted to Kevin and Carlene Ringgenberg for their dedication and commitment to this effort over the past 5 years.  This can be especially illustrated by their continuing to lead this Bible study after moving to Dallas.

Those of us involved in this bible study can’t begin to show or express our appreciation for their commitment.  We learned a lot and can’t begin to adequately express the importance of this bible study in giving us insight into the Word of God.




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