Bible Studies

There are 3 Bible Studies (Click on the Bible Study about which you want to learn more.):

1. PRAYER ON THE SQUARE–This study will be led by Pastor Carpenter

2. PERICOPE–Conducted On-Site & using ZoomContact Pastor Carpenter ( for the link.

3. INTO THE BIBLE–Conducted On-Site & using ZoomContact Carleen ( for the link.

1.  PRAYER ON THE SQUAREJoin Pastor Carpenter each Wednesday Morning at 9:00 am on the west side of the Fayetteville Square for 30 minutes of prayer for our Nation, State, and Community.  BRING YOUR BIBLE. The study will begin with the “Morning Prayer”  which will be followed by the bible lessons for the subsequent Sunday which are the same as the ones studied in the “Pericope” Bible Study and are:

Nov 25 – LESSONS (9:00 am) for First Sunday in Advent (November 29):

  Isaiah 64:1-9; Psalm 80:1-7; 1 Corinthians 1:1-8; Mark 11:1-10 or Mark 13:24-37




2. PERICOPE–Everyone is welcome to join us on the dates listed below as we study the assigned lectionary scripture verses for the subsequent Sunday Worship.  We are not allowing the evil one to separate us from each other and our Lord. 
This ELC Sunday Lesson Bible Study will be held on Tuesday evenings at 6 PM at the Church and online via ZOOM meeting. We will be able to see each other and discuss the upcoming Sunday lessons.  If you are interested in joining us via ZOOM, please send an e-mail to pastorcarpenter@elcnwa.organd a link will be sent to you to join the meeting.


Nov 24 –(6:00 pm) for First Sunday in Advent (November 29):

  Isaiah 64:1-9; Psalm 80:1-7; 1 Corinthians 1:1-8; Mark 11:1-10 or Mark 13:24-37


Dec 6 – LESSONS (6:00 pm) for Second Sunday in Advent (December 6):

  Isaiah 40:1-11; Psalm 85; 2 Peter 3:8-14,  Mark 1:1-18


3. INTO THE BIBLE” with Kevin and Carleen

Conducted On-Site & on ZoomContact Carleen ( for the link.

1st & 3rd Mondays from 7:00-8:00 pm 

“Into The Bible” Study –  every 1st & 3rd Monday from 7:00-8:00 p.m. (link in at 6:45 for conversation) via Zoom in your home or at church with friends.

We are finishing the Letters by Paul and studying his words written while in prison awaiting execution; and will then dig deeper into the book of Hebrews.

Join us to learn the History, Audience, and Highlight verses which are so relevant to us and our Covid experience.  If you’d like to join our Bible Study group,

Contact Carleen Ringgenberg ( and you will be sent the Zoom link and also be added to our email reminders.

    Upcoming Studies:  Monday, December 7       Monday, December 21


                      December 7  – Hebrews, Chpt 1         

OVERVIEW of Hebrews