CEO & Outback Benefit from “Brews for Blessing”

ELC conducted its Fourth Annual (2018) Brews for Blessing Fundraiser on November 2nd & 3rd, 2018 reached a new funding record by raising over $8,500 which will be split between CEO and Outback.  To learn more about CEO & Outback programs, as well as, the additional ELC Local Outreach Programs, GO HERE and scroll down the page!!!

Outback Funding Response (Ms. Rogers, District Social Worker)

We are so thankful for this generous contribution.  We have our food baskets (18-gallon plastic container) that we are going to be giving out Dec. 13 and 14th.  These tubs are filled with food to help support about 400 families during the Christmas break.  Because we have not be able to secure a donation of 18-gallon tubs we will use some of the money to help purchase these containers.  We like to put the food in a container that the family can continue to use at a later date.  We also need to have something sturdy so they can be stacked while we are waiting for the event to happen.  Most of the money will also be used to purchase food from the food bank.  Serving that many families we need a lot of food to fill the tubs.

Truly an amazing gift from you all.  Can’t thank you enough.

Melissa Rogers, L.C.S.W. District Social Worker Fayetteville Public Schools

CEO Funding Response (Ms. Eichmann,  Vice-President, CEO)

“Brews for Blessing” is truly a blessing for clients of Cooperative Emergency Outreach (CEO).  The funds donated are used in CEO’s general fund that helps clients with emergencies such as: food, gasoline, rent, utilities, clothing, work boots, prescriptions.  “Brews for Blessing” has also added to a “Special Emergency Fund” that was originally created by individuals from Emmanuel Lutheran and donations from Emmanuel’s outreach funds.  This fund is used when a larger donation can help give a client financial stability.  An example would be paying rent and or utility deposits when a homeless client has a job and is moving into housing.

CEO is very grateful for the help given to our neighbors. 

In the October 2018, CEO assisted 1130 individuals.  This was done by 243 volunteers that gave 607 hours.  There are NO paid workers at CEO so over 90% of our income goes out to help our neighbors.

Linda Eichmann Vice-President, CEO 

Including 2018, Brews for Blessing has provided over $23,000 in support of  “Food Insecure” families in Northwest Arkansas.


Previous Years “Brews For Blessings” Funding:

The Third Annual, 2017 Brews for Blessing Fundraiser was held on October 6 & 7, 2016 and raised over $7,000 for CEO.

The Second Annual, 2016,  Brews For Blessing Fundraiser was held on October 1, 2016 and raised over $5,100 for CEO.

In 2015, our inaugural Brews for Blessing Fundraiser was in October and raised over $2,500 in support of CEO.