Creative Ministry

This is a full-year activity that includes a wide range of ages (8th grade through College).  


                                                      Betty, Director     Linda, Co-Director



(Ripple Effect)


What is Creative Ministry? It is sharing the Good News of Jesus through various mediums, like puppetry, theater, dance, parody, music… and the list goes on. Anyone with special skills or talents, such as magic, miming, script-writing, painting, prop building, etc. is encouraged to share them. We are always seeking new creative ways to express God’s message.

Who can participate? Kids from 6th grade on up to adults. Even if you are shy or have a fear of speaking in front of crowds, you can participate – puppetry allows you to join in on the fun with anonymity and is the perfect way for you to contribute to the worship experience at ELC. Adult participation is encouraged (you’re never to old to have fun) and is also needed to help with practices and planning. 

If this sounds like something you’d like to get involved in, we would love to help you get involved. Adults are needed to help with practices and planning.  Kids that participate grow in their faith and develop lasting friendships with others through fun and fellowship. If you’re interested in making a commitment to this ministry, please reach out to Betty.

For more information, please contact Betty or Linda [Call the Church Office (479) 442-3040 for their contact information].


To see some examples of the types of things that this group has done, open one or more of the boxes below:


Youth Creative Ministry During Easter Season STICKS Performance:  Arise My Love

Youth Creative Ministry during Lent with a STICKS Performance:  Still My Little Child

Youth Creative Ministry Video of PUPPET Skits During Advent

Youth Skit for Children’s Sermon for Advent:


Youth Skit for Children’s Sermon for Advent:


Youth Skit for Children’s Sermon for Advent: 


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