The Christmas Music Concert

Nov 26, 2018 by

The Concert was a big success.  If you missed it,  you can still watch a video recording of the concert by going HERE..  (Note…The video may not start at the beginning.  If it doesn’t, move the button on the slider all the way to the left.)



To view the Christmas Concert Program go HERE If you would like to view the program as you watch the video, click on the program link above and print it.  Then, return to this page to watch the video.




Images of the concert participants can be seen below.  The images of participants follows the order in the video or program.  (Special Note:  If you place your cursor/pointer on the left side of the image being displayed below, you will see information about the group in the image.  BE CAREFUL–As long as your cursor/pointer remains on the image, the next image in the sequence will not automatically appear.)





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