Emmanuel Continues Limited On-Site Activities

Since Arkansas and many states around the nation have loosened Covid restrictions, your council has added more chairs to the sanctuary. On March 14 the chairs will have increased from 70 to 100 and Council approved a limit of 113 chairs for future services.
Due to the Governor’s restrictions on Worship Services, the Guidelines for holding these services can be found HERE!  Check back each week to see if the Guidelines have changed

As we continue to deal with the COVID-19 Virus, on-site activities may be resumed as outlined in the Guidelines.  Most meetings will continue to be held using a combination of ZOOM technology and in-person attendance   

Tom Stockland, ChurchCouncil President, 2021


Sunday Morning Worship

Live Stream Of Sunday WorshipEmmanuel will continue the ‘Live Streaming” of the 10:30 am Sunday Morning Worship Service.  The Live Streamed Service can be found on our YouTube Channel by CLICKING HERE or on Emmanuel’s Facebook page by CLICKING HERE shortly before the service is scheduled to start.

Drive-by CommunionAfter the second service (about 11:30 am) Pastor Carpenter will host a drive-by communion service at the entrance of the Church for 30 minutes after the late service.  The elements (bread & wine) for the communion will be in a sealed packet which the parishioner can open & intake after Pastor Carpenter blesses them.  Please approach the entrance of the church from the east side of the parking lot.


 Council Meetings:  The Council Meetings will be conducted both in the Fellowship Hall & by ZOOM.
Continued Financial Support is Essential: Since we have no way of predicting how long our gatherings will be limited, our operating expenses continue (payroll, utilities, facility rent, etc.).  If you can financially support Emmanuel, please GO HERE!!!
Contact Us While We’re closed.  Since the office is closed, you may:
     —Contact us with your questions by sending an email to
     —By completing this Form
Yours in Christ,
Tom Stockland, Church Council President, 2021
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