Emmanuel Continues Limited On-Site Activities

Since Arkansas has moved to Stage 2 COVID-19 Restrictions, seating capacity has increased to two-thirds (2/3) of full occupancy.  Since we must follow “Social Distancing,” it is nearly impossible to predict the number of seats that will be available as the space available for chairs depends on the number and size of families attending.
Due to the Governor’s restrictions on Worship Services, the Guidelines for holding these services can be found HERE!  Check back each week to see if the Guidelines have changed
As we continue to deal with the COVID-19 Virus, on-site activities may be resumed as outlined in the Guidelines.  Most meetings will continue to be held using the ZOOM technology (Council Meetings, Pericope Bible Study, and “Into The Bible” Study will specifically be held using ZOOM).  Other committees, etc. may meet on-site (if 10 or fewer members).  Otherwise, the ZOOM technology will be used. For details, contact the convener of your group.

Tom Holopeter, Council President



SUNDAY, MAY 24th.  The Guidelines for these worship services

can be found HERE!


Now in preparation, we will need volunteers to help restrict the Sanctuary, to post notices, and social distancing markers and to disinfect doors and toilets. We will require volunteers to continually disinfect after Sunday’s Worship. We are also looking for a non-touch thermometer.  If anyone has one, they can lend or know where we can acquire one, please let me know. If you are willing to volunteer for any of these tasks, please email Tom Holopeter ASAP!


Virtual Coffee Fellowship Hour.  On each Sunday Mornings at 9:30 am, there will be a virtual gathering to share & interactTo participate, please refer to the ELC Facebook page or a recent Eblast Newsletter for login information. 

Sunday Morning Worship

Live Stream Of Sunday WorshipEmmanuel will continue the ‘Live Streaming” of the 10:30 am Sunday Morning Worship Service.  The Live Streamed Service can be found on our YouTube Channel by CLICKING HERE shortly before the service is scheduled to start.

Drive-by CommunionAfter the second service (about 11:30 am) Pastor Carpenter will host a drive-by communion service at the entrance of the Church until 12:30 pm.  The elements (bread & wine) for the communion will be in a sealed packet which the parishioner can open & intake after Pastor Carpenter blesses them.  Please approach the entrance of the church from the east side of the parking lot.


Sanctuary Open for Prayer & Adoration
 As Council tries to balance the concerns among parishioners, we have reached what we believe is an acceptable middle ground.  Starting on Tuesday, April 21st, the side door of the sanctuary will be propped open with a chair from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m on Tuesday and Thursday of each week. We ask that you enter and exit through that door that way there will be no door handles touched as people enter and exit.  

There will be six plastic chairs in the sanctuary properly separated by social distance requirements and we ask that you only sit in the plastic chairs. If you come as a group you may move the chairs closer together, but please return them to their original location when you leave. There will be wipes and we ask that you wipe down the chair you used before you leave.   
To reserve your time, SIGN-UP HERE!!!. Please only come during the hour where you have signed up so we can control no more than six people in the sanctuary at a time.  

Virtual Council Meetings: We will monitor the situation and make future decisions by holding “virtual” Church Council meetings on an every two-week basis. We will keep everyone informed of Emmanuel’s decision through the elcnwa.org website.  To read the latest ELC News, GO HERE!!!

Continued Financial Support is Essential: Since we have no way of predicting how long our gatherings will be suspended, our operating expenses continue (payroll, utilities, facility rent, etc.).  If you can financially support Emmanuel, please GO HERE!!!
Contact Us While We’re closed.  Since the office is closed, you may:
     —Contact us with your questions by sending an email to
     —By completing this Form
Yours in Christ,
Tom Hollopeter, Church Council President