Exploring Options

Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

During our spring congregational meeting the Church Council asked the congregation for permission to form a Ministry Action Team (MAT) to explore options to meet ELC’s current and future facility needs.   After approval by the congregation, two town hall meetings were held in May to discuss the MAT, its purpose, seek volunteers to form the MAT and answer questions.   Volunteers came forward and have had bi-weekly meetings as we begin the process of working with the congregation to discern what our facility needs are.  

Why are we looking at this now?

We are growing and will continue to grow to the Glory of God
Our worship attendance continues to grow.
We have added 70 members in the past two years.
In 2015 we had 171 charter members, today we are at 275.
ELC is currently paying $72,000 annual for leased space. Is this the best use of ELC’s financial resources?
ELC needs to be a good steward of the financial resources it has been blessed with.
ELC is currently experiencing space and parking constrains at its current size.

The Mission of the Church World is to evangelize (make Disciples).  This is the main work of the whole church until Christ returns.  When starting this congregation representatives of the NALC gave us the following charge; To Make Disciples – To be Christ Centered, Mission Driven, Traditionally Grounded and Congregationally Focused. 

Our mission, as a Church, is quite simple, To Know Jesus and To Make Jesus Known.  We do this through our current ministries and will continue doing this through those and future ministries we choose to pursue.  Whatever form our facility will take in the future, it is only one of the many ‘tools’ we have to accomplish this, it is not the reason nor the destination.

The Facility MAT is asking the congregation to participate in the following survey.  Surveys may be completed online by CLICKING HERE!!! or  the handout in your Church mailbox on which you can write your answers/comments.  The completed handwritten form can be placed in the survey return box at Church. 

Responses are due Aug 4th. Please prayerfully consider each question as we begin this discernment process.

In Christ,

MAT Members:

Jaime Elsasser, Chair    
Walter Bottje       Richard Bundsgaard       Joyce Carlsen     
Jackie Elsass       Paula Johnson                Robert Kroening              
Dale Krummel    Scott Pilcher                   Pat Storms