Guidelines for On-Site Worship Services

(In addition, the 10:30 am Worship will be streamed live for those who do not want to risk exposure.)
SEATING CAPACITY HAS CHANGED: Since Arkansas has moved to Stage 2 COVID-19 Restrictions, seating capacity has increased to two-thirds (2/3) of full occupancy.  Since we must follow “Social Distancing”, it is nearly impossible to predict the number of seats that will be available at a service as the space available for chairs depends on the number and size of families attending.
1. A greeter will share some hand sanitizer and mask if you need one.
2. A music team and pastor eager to worship.
   We will keep a good distance while speaking / leading music.
   We will wear masks as much as possible.
3. A Clean Church:  Floors, Plastic Chairs, Altar Furniture, Music & Worship
    Stands, instruments, and bathrooms: Cleaned with COVID destroying
4. Separation: Chairs are set far apart so worshipers can keep the distance from each other.  Even during the distribution of Communion, you’ll notice people maintain a lot of distance.
5. Masks: In an effort to avoid spreading the virus, everyone will wear a mask.
   If you do not have a mask, no worries. We have one for you, and you can keep
6. Communion offered two ways from two separate places.
   If you would like to receive the sacrament of Holy Communion,
   You can come forward individually or as a family.
   I will say the Words of our Lord to you. (While wearing a mask)
   Then, you then have one of two choices:
A.   You can personally take your prepackaged bread & wine and return to
        your seat, briefly remove your mask to eat and drink it.
       (The prepackaged communion sets were a bit hard to get hold of, so
       we’ve taken steps to make that process even easier/safer)
B.   You can personally take your portion of bread & cup of wine and return
        to your seat, briefly remove your mask to eat and drink them.
        (We’ve made taking the one you want easy.  Either way, several places
        will be available to discard the empty communion cups.
God’s peace to you and those you love, Pastor

1)  General Facility Usage Guidelines


“Be Not Afraid”

In the Bible this phrase appears often (26 when I searched). Over the past now nine months we have been afraid. Your Council has made decisions for making the resumption of “CHURCH” as safe as possible, probably erroring on the cautious side. From my personal perspective and I think for many of our Council members; we have come to realize that precautions do not assuage the trepidations of those with medical conditions. They will not attend until the pandemic has passed. As such, your Council passed a motion to begin a normalization process.

We will open the main sanctuary doors, distribute bulletins, and most importantly allow limited fellowship between services. The side sanctuary door will also be open as has been our practice these last few months. 

Coffee and light snacks will be available with masks being required during circulation in the fellowship hall, but as in restaurants, while seated at tables and consuming, they will not of course be required. We understand and appreciate that those who still feel anxious about social interaction must and will remain in isolation. We encourage you to do so. 

We are at the place however where “Church” must start being church and fellowship and communication must resume even as cases spike. So, we are instituting these measures on November 22nd.

Thank you for understanding and we look forward to fellowshipping again.

Yours in Christ

Tom Hollopeter
Council President 2020

  • Hymnals, songbooks, attendance cards/pens will be removed from the sanctuary.
  • Committees and Groups (over 10 people) may meet on-site or via “ZOOM” meeting.
  • Committees or small groups of ten (10) or fewer people may use the facility and are encouraged to wear face masks, follow the social distancing guidelines below, and be responsible for cleaning tables, chairs, and other surfaces used before leaving the facility.
  • Hand sanitizer will be available at entrances/exits and bathrooms.
  • The sanctuary, bathrooms, and fellowship area surfaces will be disinfected after each service.

2)  Use of Face Masks and Social Distancing Guidelines:

     All members and guests over the age of 10 will be required to wear a face mask during worship services. 

  • Disposable face masks will be available for worshippers arriving without a mask.
  • All worshippers wearing a facemask must be seated and remain six (6) feet apart from other worshippers – except for family units who may be seated together. Worship leaders without masks must remain 12 feet from worshipers.
  • No physical contact (handshaking, hugging, or elbow/fist-bumping, etc.) is recommended.
  • The sanctuary floor and chairs will be placed as to ensure appropriate social distancing.
  • Ushers will remind worshippers and guests of social distancing requirements.

3)  Worship Service Guidelines:       

  • Fellowship Hall is reopening! Masks are required and giving people appropriate space is requested. We understand that it is impossible to sit four people at a table and have six feet between everyone, but the tables will be spaced and there will be limited chairs at each table. Please take this opportunity to catch up with members of our church family. 
  • Sanctuary GuidelinesThe cloth chairs are back in the sanctuary!   There will be pods of chairs with a six feet space between them, but there will no longer be any requirement relating to who may sit together. There will, however, be small pods for those that wish to sit alone or in small groups. Please respect those who wish to sit in smaller pods. The larger pods will be set up for anyone who wishes to sit together. There is no requirement that seats stay where they are so long as there are six feet between pods. You are welcome to move chairs if you need more in one pod or less in another. Communion will be taken by pod with social distancing only with the remaining pod groups.  
     For those who wish, there will be the opportunity to enter through and leave through the side door of the sanctuary to avoid the fellowship area. This is the same entrance and exit we have used since May.  
  • During Worship Service:
    • Worship hymnals and songbooks will not be used during the service.
    • Bulletins will be available during both services.  There WILL BE NO reuse of bulletins at a service.
    • Worshippers will remain in their seats during the “Sharing of the Peace.”
    • Collection plates (baskets) will be located at the front of the sanctuary.


  • Leaving Worship:
    • Worshipers may leave on our own.  Remember to maintain social distancing.
    • Worshipers will exit the sanctuary through the rear sanctuary door, pick up mail from their mailbox, and exit the facility through the main Fellowship Hall door.
    • Those with health concerns or preexisting conditions may be exit through the side door.
    • All visiting and conversation between worshippers should maintain appropriate social distancing.