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CEO Monthly Needs

The monthly CEO need(s) for July & August-CerealPlease place your Cereal donations in the box by Pastor Carpenter’s office.  If you have questions, please call or email Linda Eichmann.


Learn About Happy Hollow School

In June, ELC Church Council voted to partner with Happy Hollow Elementary School in Fayetteville as an extension of our work with “The Outback.”  Approximately 40% of the students that attend Happy Hollow are living at the poverty level.  There are so many wonderful volunteer opportunities associated with this exciting partnership—one that our whole congregation can become involved in over the course of the school year.  

Happy Hollow is a “year-round” school with 2-3 intercession weeks throughout the school year and a shortened summer break.  During this intercession time, most if not all of the students who attend need a place to go during the day.  Even though there is no school in session, Happy Hollow’s doors are open to students, and they provide fun learning activities.  (for example, last year the children learned to play chess!)   We are looking for ELC members with a special skill or talent to share with the children during this time—perhaps our quilting group?  Some other needs that Happy Hollow has are people willing to be a lunch buddy where you would have lunch with a student that needs some one-on-one time, mentoring or reading with the students, providing child care during certain meetings so parents can attend (such as internet safety).  Other ways we can support Happy Hollow will be to participate in their restaurant nights out where they get a certain percentage of proceeds from a local restaurants, collecting box tops for education, and providing snacks for the structured learning classroom.  Thank you to everyone in advance for making this a successful partnership with this amazing group of students and staff.  Emmanuel Lutheran Church is indeed blessed and is a special place to worship with family and friends.  

In addition to Outback/Happy Holly School, the Local Outreach Ministry will be focusing on CEO, 7Hills Homeless Center and Quilted Devotions.  When we begin this fall’s planning, each ELC member will be asked to complete a Time & Talent (T&T) Survey in which he/she can express his/her interest in assisting one or more of the many programs of ELC.  Several areas have been added to the Local Outreach Ministry including the organization highlighted above. Please examine the opportunities for each organization and select a couple or more that interest you and in which you are willing to assist.

CEO Benefits from 2017 Brews For Blessing

ELC conducted its Third Annual Annual Brews for Blessing Fundraiser in support of CEO.  The 2017 Brews For Blessing Fundraiser was held on October 6 & 7th and raised $7,000 for CEO. Pictured in the presentation are (L-R): Linda E., Vice-President of CEO Board and two member of  Emmanuel: Bart S. member of the Brews For Blessing Team and member of Emmanuel; and Beth A., Secretary of CEO Board and a member of  Emmanuel.

The second annual, 2016,  Brews For Blessing Fundraiser was held on October 1, 2016. It was also very successful and raised over $5,100 for CEO.

In 2015,  our first Brews for Blessing  fund raiser, raised over $2,500 in support of this effort.   

A slide show of 2017 Activities shown below.


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