Support the Bethania Kids

Sep 27, 2017 by

Support the Bethania Kids

On Sunday, November 5th between Worship Services (9:15am), a special presentation on the Bethania Kids Lutheran ministry in India was made by representatives from Bethania Kids.They shared with us information about this effort which is a candidate of the international ministry for ELC to support in 2018. They reported on how children who come from some of the most broken homes in India are nurtured and equipped to change their lives through Jesus’s love.

If you would learn how you can participate in changing the lives of poor, abandoned, and disabled children in South India by communicating with these children in India and learn how adults can take mission trips to one or more locations to share God’s love with these children. Learn how ELC can make a difference by supporting this international ministry.

The Board of Directors of Bethania Kids pay 100% of all administrative overhead such that gifts go directly to the ministry in India.

If you would like to learn how you can assist this program, please email Kraig at .

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