2019 Stewardship Campaign

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On Sunday, Sept 16th, the 2019 Annual Stewardship Campaign started and will run through Sunday, October 28th

As President Ruby and Pastor Carpenter stated in their cover letter “We are amazed at the blessings that God has provided us within the short time that we have been together and look forward to the future that he has planned for our congregation.”  They further stated that we can “decide…what we will give back from what the Lord has blessed us all with.”  

As a part of the Campaign each household will receive a packet containing the following information:

1.  Estimate of Giving Cards (EOG):  One EOG Card for:

               1)  each individual or married couple in the household, and

               2) each Child age 16 and over living in the household.

If convenient, we would prefer that you submit this information by using the on-line form by clicking HERE!!  This will send the information directly to the Financial Secretary minimizing the possibility of an error.  You can be assured that no one else will see this confidential information.

2.  Time and Talent Survey (T&T):  One survey will be included for each member of your  household 16 years of age or older.  Don’t forget to write your name on the Form.  

Also, if convenient, we would prefer that you submit this information by using the on-line form by clicking HERE!!  This will minimize the possibility of an error when placing the information in our Church database.

If you need an additional paper copy of either form, they are available on the rotating stand outside of the Church office or by calling the Church Office (479) 442-3040 and ask that the form(s) be placed in your mailbox..

3. Self Addressed Envelope:  For your convenience, an envelope, addressed to the Financial Secretary, is included that can be used to return the completed EOG & T&T forms.

If you choose to submit the paper forms, they can be:

  • mailed to the church using the envelope included in this packet,
  • placed in the Financial Secretary’s mailbox using the envelope included in this packet,
  • dropped off at the Church office using the envelope included in this packet, or
  • placed the envelope included in this packet with the completed forms in the specially marked box Ushers Stand in the Narthex

The schedule for the Campaign will be as follows:

  • During each Sunday Worship Service, a different ministry chairperson will say a few words (5 minutes or less) regarding accomplishments over the past year and statement of 2019 goals. The schedule will be as follows:
    • September 16th – Kickoff of the Stewardship Campaign  with Pastor Carpenter and Bob Kroening, member of Stewardship Committee, making opening remarks.  The Stewardship Packets will be in each member’s mailbox.
    • September 23rd – Education Ministry – Tom Hollopeter
    • September 30th – Worship & Music Ministry – Donna Scanlan/Paula Johnson
    • October 7th – Local Outreach Ministry–Beth Armstrong
    • October 14th – Building & Grounds Ministry – Keith Harris
    • October 21st –National/International Outreach—Kraig Olejniczak
    • October 28th – Congregational Care Ministry – Penny Storms

A special box is located in the Narthex next to the Usher’s stand into which members may place their surveys and commitment cards before or after a Worship service or during  the week. These documents may also be placed into the Financial Secretary’s mailbox.    

October 28th – Deadline for return of Surveys and Commitment cards to Church.  Although it ends on this date, members are encouraged to submit their EOS & T&T forms before the deadline.

November 4th – ELC celebrate our Consecration on All Saints Sunday.

November 18th – Fall Congregational meeting after the second service.






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