2017 Summer Sunday School Schedule



   –June 4 through September 3

— 9:15 am–Adult Sunday School

 –June 4 through September 3

— 9:15 am

Preschool through 5th grade:

May 21 & 28 – This group will join with the confirmation kids to watch The Prince of Egypt.  

June 4 – Summer Sunday School begins 

Summer Sunday School will begin on June 4th and run through the summer until we have our Rally Day kick off in the the fall.  The first 7 weeks will be stories from Jesus’ Life.  This summer we are using the Sola “Sunday Schoolhouse” Curriculum, and each Sunday will be a different story with an activity.  Summer Sunday School will be designed so that each Sunday “stands alone” and you won’t feel lost if you missed a Sunday or two for vacation.  All kids will be in one class together and kids ages preschool through confirmation ages are welcome to attend.

September 10 – 2017-18 Sunday School Year kicks-off with “Rally Day”

Youth Sunday School 

Confirmation ClassRecessed until Sept 10

–Jr./Sr. High Sunday School Classes — Recessed until Sept 10

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Preschool Kindergarten-5th Grade Confirmation-6th – 8th Grades High School

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