Financial Support during COVID Restrictions

Since we have no way of predicting how long attendance at our Worship Services, etc. will be restricted in response to COVID-19, our operating expenses continue (payroll, utilities, facility rent, etc.).  If you can or want to make a financial contribution to help offset these costs, please follow one of the three options outlined below:

  • Place a check to Emmanuel in an envelope and:
          –Drop it through the mail slot in the front door at the Church, or              

  –Mail it to:
         Emmanuel Lutheran Church
         2901 E. Zion Road, Suite 17
          Fayetteville, AR 72703 


  • Make your donation through your local bank using their “Bills Pay” or similar option.  Use the address above as to where to send the donation


  • Make your donation electronic by clicking on the Button below: DONATE
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