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To review the results of the 2018 Brews For Blessing activity and a historical summary of Brews for Blessing, GO HERE


Summary of  the 2017 Brews For Blessing

ELC conducted its Third Annual Annual Brews for Blessing Fundraiser in support of CEO.  The 2017 Brews For Blessing Fundraiser was held on October 6 & 7th and raised $7,000 for CEO. Pictured in the presentation are (L-R): Linda E., Vice-President of CEO Board and two member of  Emmanuel: Bart S. member of the Brews For Blessing Team and member of Emmanuel; and Beth A., Secretary of CEO Board and a member of  Emmanuel.

The second annual, 2016,  Brews For Blessing Fundraiser was held on October 1, 2016. It was also very successful and raised over $5,100 for CEO.

In 2015,  our first Brews for Blessing  fund raiser, raised over $2,500 in support of this effort.   

A slide show of 2017 Activities shown below.

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