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Young Adult

Sunday School

The 2018-19 Youth Adult Sunday School class will continue to be taught by Jarrod Storms and Bart Stockland.

For the fall 2018 semester, the young Sunday School class will finish their study of  Andy McLean’s “Big Questions – Developing a Christ-centered Apologetic”, with support from C.S. Lewis’s “The Problem of Pain.” In early September the class will survey religion outside of Lutheranism for approximately nine weeks –beginning with survey of world religions and ending with survey of Christianity. All ages are invited join the young adult class and/or drop in; no prep work necessary; informal discussion open to all.  

We meet at 9:15 am in the Youth Room upstairs.



What is Creative Ministry? It is sharing the Good News of Jesus through puppet, props, dance, skits, parody music… the list goes on.

Who can participate? Kids from 6th grade on up to adults. If your shy, puppetry is the perfect way for you to contribute to the worship experience

at ELC.

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, we would love to help you get involved. Adults are needed to help with practices and planning.

Kids that participate grow in their faith and grow closer to their friends in the group through the Fun and Fellowship. Let Betty know if your interested in making a commitment to this ministry.

Betty Metcalf has directed puppet groups in the past, and it really needs more than one leader to be successful.  If you are interesting in participating in the group,please contact Betty by by phone or email. [Note! website policy precludes us from listing personal contact information.  Her information can be found in the Church Directory or by calling the Church Office (479-442-4030)]

To see what some of the things that the group has done, go to the boxes below for the Advent or Lent skits.



Upcoming Youth Events





Youth 2018 Video of Skits During Advent

Youth Skit for Children’s Sermon for Advent: December 2, 2018


Youth Skit for Children’s Sermon for Advent: December 9, 2018


Youth Skit for Children’s Sermon for Advent: December 16, 2018


Youth Skit for Children’s Sermon for Advent: December 23, 2018

Youth 2017 Videos of Skits During Lent

Youth Skit for Children’s Sermon on “Egg-zactly” for Easter, April 1, 2018


Youth Skit for Children’s Sermon on “In Remembrance” on March 29, 2018

Youth Skit for Children’s Sermon on “Palm Sunday” on March 25, 2018

Youth Skit for Children’s Sermon on “Greatness In Serving” for March 18, 2018

Youth Skit for Children’s Sermon on “For God So Loved The World” for March 11, 2018.


Youth Skit for Children’s  Sermon on “Take Up Your Cross” for March 4, 2018.



Youth Skit for Children’s Sermon on “Observing Lint” for February 25, 2018


The Youth skit for Children’s Sermon on the “Transfiguration of Our Lord”  for Feburary 18, 2018.




2018 Shack Pack-Feed The Funnel Event

Feed the Funnel Party was completed on Sunday, May 6 from 2:00-4:00 pm at the Pack Shack in  Cave Springs.   Over 40 ELC members, including children, participated in this “Feed The Funnel” event.  $3,334 dollars were raised which allowed the group to pack 13,336 meals.  All meals will be going to LifeSource International, which is located on South School Street in Fayetteville.  

After the event the Scanlan’s hosted the group for a cookout along with games in their back yard. Everyone enjoyed the meal and fund activities.

We express our gratitude to Jennifer H. for coordinating and overseeing the event.  She did a fantastic job which insured the success of this event.  We also appreciate the invitation from the Scanlan’s for picnic and games.  It was great fellowship and a fun event.  THANKS JENNIFER, TIM & DONNA for your unselfish commitment.

This was a fun event which can be observed by watching the slide show of the event.

See a short video of the event: